Germany 2024 5 euro Grove hoverfly

Germany 2024 5 euro Grove hoverfly
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Wonderful World of Insects

The composition is by the artist Anna Martha Napp from Maßlow and shows a grove hoverfly approaching a flower and about to land on it. The insect, placed centrally in the coin circle and depicted in an oblique view, gives the motif plasticity and depth. In addition, the body of the fly and the flowers surrounding it are finely and very successfully modeled, and the transparency of the wings is skillfully depicted. The inscription made of simple, clear capitals gives the airy, floating overall impression the necessary support. The value side is identical for all coins in the series. The design, designed by artist Andre Witting from Berlin, impresses with a dignified yet dynamic depiction of the federal eagle.

Quality - UNC (Brilliant Uncirculated)
Weight  - 9,68 g.
Diameter - Ø 27.25 mm.
Composition - cupronickel alloy
Mintage - 40'000 pcs.
Nominal: 5 euro
Country of issue - Germany
Issue year - 2024